Brief list of frequently asked questions.


Due to the nature of our products we understand that most of our customers may require to place an order anonymously and have their order shipped without any recognizable branding and/or logo’s. Our orders are therefore always shipped without any branding, recognizable names or logo’s.

All orders are shipped within 24h of placing the order. After your order has been processed, delivery may take 3-6 business days.

Although we process all orders within 24h seven days/week, delivery may sometimes still be delayed by your local shipping carrier. This is especially true during holidays. Please keep this in mind and allow for a longer delivery time of a few days up to several weeks, depending on the holidays and your country.

Besides discreet shipping and packaging, we understand that most of our customers prefer to pay for their order anonymously, due to the nature of our products. Currently this is only possible with Bitcoin and therefore it is the only payment method we currently accept.
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