Cannabis oils made accessible for all.

About Us

  Scientific studies show us more and more that both CBD and THC oils are extremely helpful in our combat against illnesses and conditions. From acne, chronical pain, to epilepsy and even cancer; clinical research show us very promising results in our fight against these illnesses.


  Although pharmacology studies show us the effectiveness of both CBD and THC oils, the same oils are often banned by federal law in many countries. When looking at the severity of illness and the efficacy of these oils, it is safe to say that these highly effective – and not to forget natural – medicines are being taken away from the public in need.
  Although progress is being made in the legalization of these oils in some countries, in most countries it is still banned by law and therefore very difficult to come by. Our role is to make the supply of CBD and THC oils accessible for all people who have a need for this natural wonder. How do we make it accessible for the greater public?

Our approach

   THC Oil Express makes CBD and THC oils accessible for all people via our unique approach on our online webshop.

By cutting margins and offering lower retail prices, accessibility is greatly increased for a large amount of the public. 

Anonymity & discreet shipping
Due to the legality of THC/CBD oils in some countries and the nature of the product, anonymity and discreet packaging are 2 of the most important factors for our online customers. By shipping all orders (within 24h) discreetly – no logo’s, no recognizable return address – package seizure and theft is greatly reduced, down to less than < 1%.

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